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Entire event



One Day Pass

Includes admission to all events on any one day (either 19 or 20 September)



Expo and Social Networking Pass

Includes admission to the exhibit hall on 19-20 September 2012, sponsored sessions 19-20 September 2012 and lunch both days.



**SemTechBiz 2012 tickets are non-refundable. However, you may transfer your registration to another person by notifying Rising Media by email by August 31. For transfers or any other questions about registration, or assistance with any registration problems, please contact us at

** No two discounts may be combined.

**Conferences that take place in the UK are liable for UK VAT as they are classified under VAT legislation as "services supplied where performed" and therefore VAT of the country hosting the conference must be charged. Overseas delegates must pay the VAT charged on their invoice initially but can potentially reclaim this back from the UK VAT office. For information on reclaiming VAT, see HMRC Reference: Notice 723A (November 2010) "Refunds of VAT in the European Community for EC and non-EC businesses" which can be obtained from


Options Include:

  • Request a Press Pass - Subject to Approval
  • Exhibitors: Details about registering are in your exhibit kits.
  • Government purchase orders are accepted. Register online for details.

In Europe please call +49 8153 914389 or email reg at risingmedia dot com for assistance. In the US please call +1.212.547.7891 or email for assistance.

Group Discount

After two people register at full price, all additional registrants from the same organisation get the discounted group rate (£100 off the FULL EVENT PASS and £50 off the ONE DAY PASS). Registrations must be placed at the same time, and registrants must be from the same organisation. This rate cannot be combined with any other discount.

In Europe please call +49 8153 914389 or email reg at risingmedia dot com for assistance. In the US, please call +1.212.547.7891 or email for assistance.

Academic Rate

Available only to full-time faculty of accredited colleges & universities.

In Europe please call +49 8153 914389 or email reg at risingmedia dot com for assistance. In the US please call +1.212.547.7891 or email for assistance. 



Terms and Conditions

1. Object of agreement
1.1 We, Rising Media Ltd., Schulstr. 29 a, 82234 Weßling (hereafter: Rising Media), are an events’ organiser specialising in the running of international conferences and exhibitions in the area of internet and technology (hereafter: event).
1.2 The following regulations apply to those taking part in our events.
2. Registration
2.1 Registration for the events takes place online via the relevant event website. By completing an online registration you are making us an offer to take part in the event. A contract pertaining to the participation in the event comes into existence when we accept this offer. Acceptance is confirmed by by email (the registration email).
2.2 Immediately after completing the online registration process you will receive an automated confirmation by email explaining that your registration has been received. This email is not an acceptance as described in paragraph 2.1.
2.3 This event is only accessible to people over the age of 18. Rising Media Ltd. reserves the right to request a form of documentation (e.g..: national ID card, passport, driving licence) and a business card at registration, to refuse entry and to ban individuals from the event.
3. Conditions of Payment
3.1 After conclusion of contract you will receive an invoice by post for the participation fee. The participation fee is due upon receipt of the invoice.
3.2 Until the participation fee has been paid in full, we are not obliged to allow you access to the event.
4. Event Content
4.1 We reserve the right to make changes to the event programme including changes to the speaker line-up.
4.2 If, for reasons beyond our control, the event cannot take place on the date initially scheduled or at the venue originally announced, we reserve the right to move the event to another date and/or venue of our choice. You are only entitled to leave the contract if the changes to date and venue would, even when considering our interests in the changes, cause you unreasonable damage. You will be informed of any such changes in a timely manner.
4.3 Should the event be cancelled for reasons within our control, no participation fee needs to be paid and participation fees already paid will be reimbursed.
4.4 The reasons seen as within are control are detailed in paragraph 7 of the terms and conditions.
5. Cancellation
5.1 You may cancel your participation up to 4 weeks before the start of the event. Any fees already paid will be reimbursed minus a €150 administration fee. It is left up to you to prove that smaller costs have resulted for us as a result of your cancellation.
5.2 A cancellation made after the date detailed in paragraph 5.1 is not possible. In this case the obligation to pay the participation fee remains.
5.3 The cancellation should be made in writing to Rising Media Ltd., Schulstr. 29 a, 82234 Weßling, Germany or by fax to +49-89-92185034. You are always at liberty to replace an attendee with someone else.
6. Consent regarding use of photo material; creation of film and sound recordings
6.1 During the event we will create or organise the creation of photo material with the aim of documenting, reporting and promoting the event as well as to advertise future. This may include photo material that includes your image. If you are photographed or recorded in this way, we will ensure that your personal rights in regards to the use of the photo material are not unreasonably compromised.
6.2 By entering into the contract regarding your participation in the event, you grant your permission for us to create and use the photo material in accordance with the previous paragraph. 6.3 You have the right to create and use audio recordings of event sessions for private use only. Any publication on the internet or in other media or transfer to third parties requires
6.4 Creating and using photograph and video material requires our consent in advance of the event. The creation and use of audio and video clips in a blog or for the purposes of press coverage is allowed provided that clips are no more than one minute in length. Clips of related content will be considered as one clip. For further information regarding the permitted use of photo and film material, please contact us at
6.5 You are reponsible for the protection of the personal rights of those people you record or photograph and it is your responsibiltiy to seek the required permission where necessary.
7. Liability
7.1 We accept no liability for the event not taking place where this is due to reasons beyond our control. In particular we accept no responsibility for the non-granting of required approval by regulatory authorities, for police-based and/or regulatory or other measures taken by third parties during or in connection with the event, for the violation of rights of event participants and for the cancellation or termination of the event, provided we are not responsible for this through deliberate or grossly negligent acts.
7.2 In the case of ordinary negligence we are only liable for the violation of contractual obligations (cardinal obligations), meaning those obligations that allow for the proper realisation of the contract and which contractual parties rely upon. In this case the scope of liability is restricted to foreseeable damages that can typically occur. There is no liability for indirect damages, consequential harm caused by a defect or loss of profit. This limitation to liability is also valid when the fault lies with the legal representative or persons assisting in the performance of obligations.
7.3 Moreover, our pre-contractual, contractual and extra contractual liability is limited to deliberate acts and gross negligence. The damage to be covered in the case of gross negligence by persons assisting in the performance of obligations are restricted to foreseeable damages that can typically occur provided it is not a violation of the cardinal obligations.
7.4 Restricted liability does not apply where injuries occur to the life, body or health of an individual nor for the liability according to the German product libaility laws.
8. Final points
8.1 For all claims relating to this contractual relationship German law (excluding United Nations Convention und Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG), the so-called UN Purchasing Law) applies.
8.2 The court of jurisdiction for all disputes related to this contract is Munich.
8.3 Should one or several sections of this contract beome invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other sections.

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